Chapel Hill night life!

Partying in Chapel Hill? Check out these places!

Fairfax Inn

58660 S Fairfax Rd, Bloomington, IN • 812-824-8552
Fairfax Inn is a casual, local place where you can go to find a loud, upbeat atmosphere and a few drinks. Service is friendly, prices are good, and the laid back environment make it a fun place to go for drinks with friends.

Cabin Restaurant and Lounge

4015 S State Rd #446, Bloomington, IN • 812-323-9654
Cabin Restaurant and Lounge is a popular Bloomington restaurant. This local establishment is casual, has low prices, friendly service, and is great for going to grab a quick drink!

C3 Bar

1505 S Piazza Dr, Bloomington, IN • 812-287-8027
C3 Bar is fantastic. This is the type of place you'll want to dress up for, and it's a bit pricey, but the cocktails are worth it! They seriously have some fantastic drinks. If you're looking for a romantic place to go for date night, this is it!


9301 S Fairfax Rd, Bloomington, IN • 812-330-1111
WindJammer is a casual place where you can enjoy a fun night out with a few drinks. The environment at WindJammer is casual and fun, so stop in with friends on your next night out!

Salt Creek Brewery

466 Old State Rd #37, Bedford, IN • 812-277-8277
Salt Creek Brewery is the best place in Bedford for beer, cocktails, live music, and fun! This fantastic bar is the first and only craft brewery in Lawrence County. Stop in any day of the week for drinks and fun!