Crows Nest night life!

Partying in Crows Nest? Check out these places!

Meridian Restaurant & Bar

5694 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN • (317) 466-1111
Whether you have been coming here for years or it will be your first time, the standard for quality set by the kitchen staff is absolutely unbelieveable. Get ready to relax and enjoy a quaint and unique atmosphere. The staff will take very good care of you as well, no worries when you visit here.

Scotty's Dawghouse

4702 Sunset Ave #100, Indianapolis, IN • (317) 661-4305
If you love keeping up with your favorite game, you will have no problem doing so here. The staff is as attentive as you will ever see or experience anywhere. And the food is exceptional in every way. If something comes to you and you find that it is not exactly to your liking, they will make it right.


5902 N College Ave, Indianapolis, IN • (317) 722-8888
They have recently added a tap room to this establishment that you are definitely going to want to check out. The wine and beer selection is extensive and because of that so much fun. This location has it all, it can accomodate large groups or also serve as an intimate setting for two.


5903 N College Ave, Indianapolis, IN • (317) 255-3096
We have to start this review out by mentioning the salmon that comes out of the kitchen in perfect form. It is as tasty as any salmon that you will ever have anywhere. If you are seeking a cozy atmosphere, you will not be disappointed in what you find here. Check it out soon.

Bar One Fourteen

114 E 49th St, Indianapolis, IN • (317) 946-0114
Sometimes the setting means everything. And you will certainly find that to be the case at this amazing place. Between the atmosphere, decor, music, food, drinks and the staff you will begin to pinch yourself because you will not be able to find anything wrong with your experience.